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Good pack for small servers wishing to be discovered for free.

  • 1 page dedicated to the server
  • 1 Bump every 2 hours
  • 2 Tags of your choice
  • 1 Brief description (min. 200 car. max. 350 car.)
  • Benefits for the Member :
  • 2 Votes per day on all servers of the site
Before Starting !
  • You have to be the Creator or an Administrator of the Server for register it on
  • The Server must not deal with Illegal, Immoral, Pornographic, Racist …

Description of the PREMIUM Packs in details :

  • The IMMORTAL and WARRIOR packs allow your Discord server to have a huge visibility (On average 5 TIMES more than with Gnome pack)
  • But also to be present in the list of PREMIUM Discord Servers (The server will be present on most pages of DiscordL, at the top)
  • Payment is one time and for life! (no monthly debit)

For all DiscordL's Packs there is :

  • Participation at the DISCORD TOP (Ranking by votes)
  • Detailed and optimized page with Stats and Reviews
  • Tag(s) to better target Users
  • Invitation link to join your Discord Server

  • A Dashboard for :
  • Upgrade your Pack
  • Change you Invitation Link at Will
  • Delete your Discord Server
  • Refresh the Icon and the Name of your Server at the connection.

  • We accept :
    Available Payment Methods