Upgrade to the next step with Premium Membership

  • pack IMMORTAL
  • PREMIUM Membership 👑

    8 € 6 (for life)

    Perfect for offering great support to your favorite servers and setting yourself apart from regular members!

  • 4 Votes per day on all servers of the site 👍
  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune every 3 hours 🎰
  • 10X more chance to win a Nitro 🍀
  • Bump every 1 hours 🔥
  • Premium Membre Badge 💎

Why become a Premium Member?

  • By becoming a premium member on DiscordL, you get all the current and future member benefits offered by the Immortal Pack. More info about the pack here: discordl.org/formules/lg-en
  • The Premium member is therefore ideal if you do not have a Discord server and want to offer more support to other communities!
  • Thanks to the premium member pack, you also stand out a lot from other classic members when you leave a review on a Discord server or even when someone visits your profile on DiscordL.org
  • Becoming a premium member also offers you exclusive advantages on the Wheel of Fortune. Indeed, thanks to the Premium, you can turn the wheel every 3 hours (instead of waiting 8 hours as a classic member.) You're also 10 times more likely to win a Nitro (Boost and Classic) than classic members by turning the Wheel !

Compared to regular members, all premium members get:

  • 4 votes every day and per server
  • Possibility of Spinning the Wheel of Fortune every 3 hours!
  • 1 Bump every hour on all servers registered on the website
  • 10 times more chance to win a Nitro (Boost or Classic) on the Wheel of Fortune
  • 1 Premium Member Badge
  • 1 Special role on the Discord Support server of DiscordL.org

If you have any questions, you can contact the DiscordL team from this page: discordl.org/contact/lg-en or even on the Discord Support Server!

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